My Pledge

To the voters of South Carolina, I promise to:

  • Honor Christ in everything I do (Romans 11:36)
  • Redefine what it means to be a United States Senator from the beautiful state of South Carolina
  • Articulate a message of “inspired conservatism” through the principles of God's Word and bring that approach directly into the legislative process
  • Establish a defined set of governing principles by building a recognizable and consistent “brand”
  • Create a leader's vision to help cast the hope and confidence of a brighter tomorrow
  • Demonstrate a statesman's approach to governing in which our children, grandchildren, and people in all walks of life can admire, revere, and look up to the position of Senator
  • Work tirelessly to overturn Roe v. Wade
  • Oppose all forms of legislation that are aimed at controlling our guns and limiting our right to bear arms and the right to due process under the law
  • The Team LaPierre For Christ political committee will assemble a team of political consultants, advisors, and volunteers who abide by the rule of law, are concerned with rebuilding the moral and spiritual foundations of South Carolina, and desire to manifest lives that are above reproach
  • Drive and support legislation that will help South Carolinians thrive economically
  • Propose and support all legislation that removes regulatory barriers and unnecessary red tape
  • Support a Constitutional Amendment that defines marriage between a man and a woman
  • Advocate for an educational system that brings primary responsibility back to the state level through strategic initiatives including vouchers, ESA accounts, tax credits, and private school choice options that helps to raise the educational performance bar in South Carolina for both students and teachers
  • Oppose the Equality Act and any of its alternative forms so that we can keep South Carolina anchored to the principles of God's Word and the moral and spiritual foundations necessary to help us thrive and grow
  • In sum, advocate for “The New Frontier of Christian Conservatism” that helps restore the principles of God's Word, morality, decency, and a love for our fellow citizens