My Position on the Issues


Securing our national borders is one of the primary cornerstones of a free and prosperous democratic republic. The United States of America should have a clearly defined geographical barrier of protection that preserves the freedoms and liberties of all Americans. I believe that an Almighty God has blessed us with a sovereign nation that I am pleased to call my country. As a beacon of light and a shining example of hope and prosperity, America is a hiding place and safe haven for those seeking to experience the totality of freedom through the process of entry appropriated and enforced by law. Laws of a porous nature will not stand the test of time. In other words, without the enforcement of our immigration laws, our country will soon cease to exist.

I believe that the crisis at the border is a very complex web of poor immigration laws, inadequate enforcement, limited funding, election year politics, rogue sanctuary cities and creative loopholes by the progressive liberals in the Democrat Party. We must all remember that this American crisis is being played out over raw and unadulterated power. The Democratic Socialists and progressive left want to allow as many illegals in our country as possible to bolster the number of Democrat voters. By doing this, the Democrats feel that they will control the illegals' vote and ultimately long-term power. If we will stand up as Americans, take the lead and say “enough is enough”, our leaders will follow.

In May of 2019 alone we had over 4,600 people a day cross our borders illegally, which resulted in 144,000 illegal immigrants. The recent $4.6 billion in humanitarian aid is only putting a band-aid on the crisis at our southern border. It is based on these facts that I set forth my position on how to stop the flow of illegal immigration and seal our borders from those who are currently overrunning and impeding our national sovereignty. My position includes a multi-faceted approach to sealing our borders from illegal immigrants that include drug lords, hardened criminals, terrorists, sex traffickers and others who would abuse and violate both human rights and God's natural laws.

The following strategic guide is my recommendation for stopping the illegal flow of immigrants.

1. Congress needs to provide the funding necessary to build a wall. As your Senator, I will use all legislative means available to help provide and advocate for border security funding that includes a permanent and high-tech wall structure.

2. The President has the authority to execute the laws of the land. Therefore, the 1 million plus known immigrants who have violated our immigration policies along with those unknown illegals subsequently identified must be deported. We must ratchet up deportation to send a message that illegal immigration will not be tolerated on our shores.

3. We need to expand the scope of the President's legal national emergency powers with an increased military presence until our borders have been sealed. This proposed military presence will include those who have the specific skill sets to capture, detain, feed, house, process, deport and/or be caregivers. A progressive accumulation of forces should be used to stop the flow of illegal immigration. Once this objective has been achieved we will immediately draw down our presence commensurate with diminished illegal activity.

4. Additional economic pressure should equally be applied to those countries from where the illegal immigrants originate as well as our close friend and ally, Mexico. We must expect cooperation from our southern partners. A significant reduction in federal aid or an increase in import tariffs should be on the table for discussion and debate.

5. We must revamp the immigration and asylum laws on our books to stop chain migration, catch and release, faulty claims of “credible fear of persecution”, “anchor baby” extension and children immediately being turned over to Health and Human services and placed in the “least restrictive setting” that consequently lead to illegal behavior. The previous administration has created the enabling processes and laws that help illegal immigration flourish.

6. Expand highly skilled “H1B” visas along with an expansion of green card opportunities for those who fit our national best interests.

7. End the travesty of illegal immigrants receiving welfare, free education and other entitlements that encourage the unseemly and unlawful behavior. We are simply making it too easy for immigrants to break our laws. This must stop.

8. Cut off all federal funding for sanctuary cities who would circumvent federal laws that support legal immigration and provide a safe haven for those who break U.S. laws.

Enforcement, consent of the governed, alignment to God's moral law and an abiding affection and faith toward the laws of the land by its citizenry will procure a most favorable and long-lasting result that will be highly esteemed by posterity. As a Republican candidate for the United States Senate in our beautiful state of South Carolina, I ask that you join me in letting our voices be heard on the illegal immigration front.

2nd Amendment Rights

Every citizen of the United States of America has the right, guaranteed by our Constitution, to legally carry a gun. This right extends to open carry, concealed carry and carry without a permit. This right is otherwise known as “Constitutional Carry”.

All attempts by the left to limit our gun rights in any way are back door efforts to control our guns. We must never let this happen. I consider gun ownership to be a foundational element in deterring those who would seek to encroach on the sacred Constitutional safeguards of pursuing life, liberty and the protection of our families. In other words, it protects us from dictatorship and tyranny. The Supreme Court of the United States of America in McDonald vs. Chicago ruled that the right of an individual to "keep and bear arms," as protected under the Second Amendment, is incorporated by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment against the states.

My position on 2nd Amendment issues:

Oppose Red Flag laws which are aimed at controlling our guns
Support the prosecution of felons who try to purchase guns illegally
Support state reciprocity for concealed and/or Constitutional Carry
Oppose banning large-capacity magazines and assault weapons
Oppose all unreasonable and burdensome gun restrictions

The right to own guns is characteristic of what it has meant to be an American since the founding of our great nation. These rights should not be stripped away from us because of the actions of the few who choose unlawful behavior. The keeping and bearing of arms as prescribed by the Constitution is for the protection of the people from government tyranny and to safeguard our lives, land and families.


I believe that the first step in returning our healthcare system to normalcy is to conclude that privatization of healthcare is essential. Getting our government out of health care and letting the free market forces regulate our healthcare system is a priority. Economists around the globe agree that ANY form of government intervention and/or regulation impedes the natural and efficient flow of free market forces.

Politicians have never understood the law of unintended consequences when moving toward public venues and they certainly didn't understand the disastrous impact that Obamacare would have on our nation. Many economists argue that Obamacare represents as much as one-fifth of our gross domestic product. We should all be clear on what the intent of the Obamacare legislation represents. It is simply another form of the redistribution of wealth doctrine. It is a very bad experience and the first step toward a single-payer healthcare plan (which is essentially a Medicare for all) to be administered and run by our government.

Currently, unfunded liabilities for Medicare (our current single-payer experiment) are projected to be well over $50 trillion. Besides the military, when has big government ever been able to efficiently manage a large bureaucratic institution? What do you think about the efficiency of the:

Department of Education?
Social Security Administration?
United States Postal Service?
Veterans Administration?

We have all heard the horror stories about how poorly run these organizations are and the gross inefficiencies in each.

I have a few key assumptions of what great healthcare, and the systems that deliver great healthcare, should look like. This list is just the starting point for a full-blown recommissioning of what a free market health care system should represent.

Competition that produces high quality (through innovation) with improved patient outcomes
Reduced overall health care costs
Results metrics that include end to end patient care
Incentivized clinical wages (advancement, cost of living increases, etc.) based on patient results
Reduced administrative burdens
Integrated systems of care with full visibility through advanced technology
Increased specialization
Full pricing visibility for patients
Increased patient choice
Group coverage offered across state lines
Broadening the types of concierge medicine business models that are practiced today
Reduced cycle times for patient delivery services
High security data warehouses (with no government access) developed and queried for analytics that help determine causal links

The above assumptions will never be achieved with a government run and administered single-payer health care plan. It is a utopian world (socialist candy store) where everything is free and funding is limitless. It sounds very pretty on the front end but is extremely unrealistic.

Therefore, we must repeal Obamacare. The Democratic Socialists and progressive liberals in our country contend that healthcare is a “right” of every individual. I disagree. I believe that it is a privilege that can only be maintained through competition and free market forces. Let's start stripping away and dismantling the flawed remains of our current healthcare system and replace it with a system that requires limited government oversight.

To command and control our healthcare system through government intervention is an additional power grab toward a socialist form of government. Allowing government to control our health care is nothing more than ceding additional freedom and liberty to an unwanted intruder. I believe that freedom and liberty ring loudest when the free market is allowed to function in plain sight so that healthcare consumers can make educated decisions.

Religious Freedom

Religious freedom and the principles found in God's moral law are the anchors from which all other public policy decisions should flow. We can not let the secular humanist faction of society be allowed to paint faith-based citizens inside the four walls of a church building. Freedom of worship is not enough. We must be able to express the free exercise of our religious beliefs without restraint both in private and in public. A recent Pew Report highlights this concern among American citizens. Fifty eight percent of those surveyed say they have seen less of a role for religion over the past twenty years. They also see the breakdown of the family unit. Fifty one percent of Americans say they want MORE of a role for religion in society. Our campaign will talk about ways that we can recommission biblical principles while governing, and protect the 1st Amendment religious freedom for all Americans.