Why Not Lindsey Graham?

Senator Graham’s Fatal Flaws

The linguistic gymnastics of rationalization, legitimization, and justification seem to know no boundaries or no ends in lieu of comments made and positions taken by the current Senator. By the way, anyone that likes to study “game film” can go on YouTube to hear the various Lindsey Graham rants or Google query for the specific news releases. For example: 

  • Senator Graham says he is prolife but does not think that Roe v. Wade should be overturned “unless there is a good reason.” He believes that precedence should stand. Well Senator, how about the babies that are being slaughtered. Isn’t that a good enough reason? Wouldn’t the progressive left say the same thing on Roe v. Wade?  
  • As a Gang of Eight member Senate Graham was part of an effort to help an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States gain legal status. It appears that the means justifies the ends. You break the law and you get citizenship is basically what Senator Graham is saying. It is not the first or last time that he has sided with the progressive left on this issue. 

  • Graham voted FOR progressive liberal Supreme Court justices Sotomayor and Kagan. Graham’s rational is that elections have consequences. So what happens when another Democrat gets elected President (after Trump wins his second term) and Senator Graham has to vote for one or two more progressive liberal judges? Does the same logic of elections have consequences apply? Will Senator Graham fill the court and vote yes to more progressive liberal justices? Based on his own logic the answer is regrettably, yes! 

  • Graham said that he DID NOT think that the Republican Party should have in their 2016 party platform anything that would consider an amendment that defines marriage between a man and a woman. Sounds like he wants to be more inclusive of the LBGTQ movement to me. Why? Is there a presidential chin fly biting him that would want to cast a wider net toward the LBGTQ movement? Does this hint of political ambition? 

  • Senator Graham is known for profanity laced tirades that your children and grandchildren should not hear or be around. There are some words that adults shouldn’t hear as well. Please DO NOT go to YouTube for this “game film” as it is very offensive. Do his rants, profanity, and il-tempered moments qualify him as a true statesmen for the United States Senate or not? Are you inspired by the rants? 

  • Lindsey Graham’s long-time political strategist and consultant Richard Quinn has been charged with 11 counts of perjury and 1 count of obstruction. The AP reports that since 2002, Graham’s campaigns have paid Quinn’s firms nearly $3 million. What did Senator Graham know and when did he know it? At the very least, Senator Graham was a very poor judge (since 1994) of the type of character we want around quality campaign teams.  

  • Graham was insubordinate to President Trump both before and after the election with comments like………"I'm gonna support the Republican nominee," Graham said during the same CNN interview. But what if it is Trump or Cruz? "I'm gonna buy a ticket on the Titanic." 

  • Graham’s insubordination is further highlighted when he commented about President Trump and Senator Cruz, “It’s like being shot or poisoned,” Graham told reporters at a press conference in January when asked who he preferred between Donald Trump and Cruz. “What does it really matter?” 

  • In 2017, it was reported that Senator Lindsey Graham was a “Dead Man Walking” with ONLY 14 percent of Palmetto State GOP voters have a “very favorable” view of Graham.  Meanwhile, 32 percent of them have a “very unfavorable” view of their senior U.S. Senator. What has changed? He still is the same political operative at his core that he was back in 2017. 

  • Graham told the New York Times’, Mark Lebovitch, that the reason for his flip is even more cynical than you may have imagined. He simply wants “to try to be relevant” — and win re-election in 2020. If we are honest, we must admit that Senator Graham is a “fake conservative.” It is my opinion that Graham is also indicating in the above commentary that he doesn’t believe that South Carolinians are smart enough to vote him out of office. 

At the end of the day, the Republican leadership and citizens have to go inside the voting booth and cast a ballot for the candidate that they feel best reflects their Christian values, political beliefs, and ideals. I am simply asking South Carolinians to perform a “gut check”, stop rationalizing Graham’s progressive liberal positions on social issues and then (and only then) cast a vote for the person that best reflects your political beliefs and/or Christian values. If Graham is your man, have at it! Do the homework………perform the gut check……please. Be honest with yourselves!    

Reagan Conservatism vs. RINOs

Lindsey Graham is not a Reagan Conservative

Reagan’s vision for America was anchored in the principles of the Bible which helped  frame his worldview, both in private and in public. For him, true  conservatism was creating the enabling processes that allowed for  maximum personal freedom and liberty, family values, life, democracy,  human rights, and making sure that the free market forces of capitalism  were at optimum conditions and strength. Let us now compare Reagan’s  version of conservatism with those “left of center” conservatives  (Lindsey Graham) who seem to want to hijack the conservative narrative  for self-serving purposes.  

Below are a few differences between Reagan's principles and those of Lindsey Graham.

Sanctity of Life

Reagan – He was a pro-life President who thought that Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

Graham – Lindsey Graham is a left of center Republican who says he is pro-life but does NOT think Roe v. Wade should be overturned “unless there is some good reason.” 

Sanctity of Marriage

Reagan – He believed in the sanctity of marriage.

Graham – Graham will not stand up and say that the Republican platform should support an amendment to the  constitution defining marriage to be between a man and a women. 

Environmental Policy

Reagan – Reagan had a contempt for the environmental movement and wanted to  roll back as much environmental regulation as possible, pushing control  back to the states. 

Graham – He supports an Obama position and wants a price on carbon. The RINOS want President Trump to admit that global warming is real and find a solution.  

Supreme Court Justices

Reagan – He appointed Supreme Court Justices Scalia, O’Connor, and Kennedy. 

Graham – Graham voted to confirm progressive liberal judges Sotomayor and Keagan who have an elastic and expansionist judicial interpretation of the constitution.  

Public Service

Reagan – President Reagan conducted himself as a public servant with the grace and ease that is befitting of a true statesman. 

Graham – He is known to let his anger take over his speech and go on profanity laced tirades that does not embody the stature of a well-composed statesman.

Economic Policies

Reagan – His economic policy was defined as one of the most conservative forms of free market capitalism ever initiated.

Graham – Lindsey Graham’s version of economic policy scores a Congressional rating of a mere 63% by the FreedomWorks organization who monitors voting records. 

Consistent Conservatism

Reagan – President Reagan fiercely battled the Democrats when in office to  chart and stake out true conservative positions on all legislative  issues. 

Graham – Democratic strategist Paul Harstad said that “Graham is the best future Republican ally of the administration (Obama administration) for the next two years, and in a close Senate may provide a critical vote on a number of occasions.”

In  summary, the vision that our leaders have for the United States of  America has a direct impact on how our culture will be shaped. The  future of our children and grandchildren depend upon us. Pastor Jonathan  Mayhew exclaimed, “You are assigned by Divine Providence, in the  appointed order of things, the protector of unborn ages, whose fate  depends on your virtue.”!  We must defend the causes of freedom and  liberty at every turn with values that reflect “true” conservatism. 

The  brand of conservatism that I am talking about is born out of an inner  core of understanding and belief that does not shift with the political  winds of change. Any of the alternative forms of  conservatism (fake conservatism) can be spotted a mile away. We should  never let left of center POLITICAL OPERATIVES re-frame what true  conservatism is all about. We need change in South Carolina!         

My Stances vs. Graham's Stances

 The  following is a comparison of my stances on issues versus those of  Lindsey Graham. I hope you will see the redefinition that needs to be  made on the responsibilities of the U.S. Senator that will represent  South Carolina. We can no longer let Senator Graham misrepresent us.

My Stances

Inspired Conservatism

I will bring “Inspired Conservatism” through the principles of God’s Word

Public servant

I believe in being a public servant and surrounding myself with servant leaders

Recognizable brand

 I will establish a defined set of governing principles by building a recognizable brand

Term Limits

  I believe in and will abide by term limits to nullify ties to lobbyists and other institutional bureaucratic ties

Leader's Vision

I will create a Leader’s Vision to help cast the hope of a brighter tomorrow

Statesman's Approach

I believe in a statesman’s approach to governing where children and grandchildren can admire, revere, and look up to their U.S. Senator

Pro-Life Advocacy

I believe Roe v. Wade should be overturned at any/all opportunity

Reagan Conservatism

I am a Reagan Conservative who legislates from a  political center and positions of strength


I will press for deportation of those who are in our country illegally

Boost the Economy

I will drive legislation that will help South Carolina thrive economically 

Social Issues

   I will support social issues and values that will keep the conservative distinction of SC

Religious Liberty

I will support Released Time programs, home schooling and other forms of school choice needed

Graham's Stances

Not SC Values

 Graham holds a form of conservative values that are not representative of South Carolina 

Politician not Statesman

 Graham is a politician and professional political operative

No Brand

Graham has a "non-brand" that vacillates back and forth on policy issues based on political opportunism


Graham runs on self-preservation and maintaining those same ties to lobbyists and other institutional bureaucratic ties

Manager's Mentality

  Graham holds a managers mentality of reacting and managing through current events

Fake Conservative

Graham is a “Fake Conservative” who legislates based on political “wind currents” and positions of weakness

Gang of Eight

  Graham was a Gang of Eight member who wants to give amnesty to over 11 million illegals

Silent on SC Economy

He is ignoring and remaining silent on 25% import tariffs that will hurt the South Carolina economy


He wants to be more inclusive of the LGBTQ community and what they represent

Has his eye elsewhere

Graham promotes legislation that supports his national political aspirations 

Out of Touch with SC Values

Graham doesn’t know what Released Time means or represents.

Roe v. Wade repeal not necessary

Graham has a lawyerly rationalization of why Roe v. Wade should stand based on legal precedence