Steps to Voting

Stay Informed

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Voting only matters if you know who you are voting for and what their platforms represent. Before you vote, find out all you can about the candidates running and make an educated decision on who you will vote for.

Register to Vote

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Register to vote! While you are reading on candidates' platforms and policies they hope to institute, go ahead and register to vote! The deadline for reigstration in SC is 31 days before the election. Don't wait too late!

Update Your Info

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If you are already registered but need to update your voter registration information, don't wait to do so. Election Day will be here before you know it, and you need the correct information in order to vote!

Find your Precinct

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Find your voting precinct so you know where you will be voting come election day. Your precinct information will include your polling place. Keep this info handy so you show up at the right place on election day.

How to Vote

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Once you get into your polling location, then what? It's a relatively easy process and there will be attendants to assist you, but knowing before you go saves time. Watch the video for a quick preview of what to expect.

Tell Your Friends

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Once you've registered to vote, tell your friends to register! Before Election Day read about the candidates and consider volunteering for a campaign you're passionate about. On Election Day encourage your friends and family to vote!

Donate to Make a Difference

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and inform voters on principles that will lead to lasting change in South Carolina.

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Voting in South Carolina

Are You Voting in 2020?

Why is it so important to vote? Will your vote really make a difference? Can change really happen in our government?

I know it can seem frustrating and fruitless when it comes to getting involved in electoral campaigns and voting. It is too easy to assume that the system is broken and your vote means nothing. The unfortunate thing is, if everyone assumes the same thing, then change really will not take place, and one vote won't make as big of an impact. It is vital to create momentum amongst citizens in order for us to make real change in Washington. At LaPierre for Senate, we believe that real change is possible. But it takes your involvement. It takes you sharing your voice, writing to your elected officials when you don't like the way they're voting, voting officials out of office that don't represent your values and interests and encouraging others to do the same. 

In Romans we are given a charge by Paul to pray for our leaders. Even further he tells us to respect them and obey them, unless they go against God's laws. How can we truly expect change if we are not praying for our leaders to make wise decisions? If we are not holding them accountable for their votes and their actions? Why do we sit idly by? The truth is, we do not have room to complain if we are sitting on the sidelines while our elected officials misrepresent our values, the government impedes on our freedoms and the courts rule against our morals. I encourage you dear friends to pray for our leaders, hold your elected officials accountable by checking out their voting record, and if found lacking, vote them out of office. Being elected means someone is voting for them to stay in office. If you want them out, you must vote and encourage the majority to vote. Let me encourage you to audit our state officials and their system of governing and make an educated decision on who you will vote for in the 202 elections.

Can I count on you to vote in the 2020 elections? If you haven't already, will you register to vote? There is one seat open in South Carolina for the United States Senate. I am running to unseat incumbent Lindsey Graham.  I believe he has lost his first love - his dedication to the state of South Carolina. He has instead turned to serving whomever can influence him. I believe it is time for the people of South Carolina to stand up for their values and vote for a candidate who is committed to services the interests of the people of South Carolina, not themselves. I know during campaign season talk can seem cheap. So it is important to look at the record. If you see that your interests are not being considered by your current Senator, read my stances on all the hot issues of our country today and see if I line up with your values. If I do, please vote for me in the 2020 Senate elections, and tell your friends about Team LaPierre for Senate. See you on Election Day!

SC Votes

For a total run down of how to vote in South Carolina, check out the SC Votes page for registration info, sample ballots, precinct lists, candidate information and more. Stay Informed!