The Party Bosses are Back...

The days of party bosses were days of party leaders choosing and manipulating who is selected as candidates. Is the same thing going on in the republican party? They are manipulating the outcome of an election. This is no light matter! We must ask the hard questions:

1. Do excessive donations by any sitting Senator to the GOP Party create unfair influence within the party ranks?

2. Do excessive donations by any sitting Senator create a quid pro quo “understanding” within party ranks?

3. Should GOP party leaders who have been paid political consultants for those seeking office “recuse” themselves from  soliciting donations on behalf of the candidate from which they have been paid?

4. Should all candidates in a highly functioning society and Constitutional Republic have equal access and an equal voice in the primary process without restraint?

5. Should the GOP party selectively enforce party rules in one election cycle and then use those same rules to shut out the opposition voice in a subsequent election cycle until the filing period?

6. Should regional party meetings take place where the party chairs openly discuss putting off the opposition voices until after the March filing period, thus, limiting their ability to campaign within GOP ranks.

The process is designed to enable “quid pro quo” behavior that is not good for our state. This is a “morally corrupt” and dysfunctional process.

Contact Your GOP Chairman

If all this information about your ability to participate in a fair election being prohibited upsets you, contact your GOP Chair by finding their information on the SCGOP site by clicking the button below.