My Position on Smart Energy

The SMART Energy Plan

The United States of America is beginning to experience the impact and bottom-line results of allowing free market forces to control and drive our strategic, long-term and sustainable energy objectives/goals. As a country, we have decided to get the government bureaucrats out of the way and allow good old-fashioned common sense decision making (SMART Energy) to take over. We are living in the most industrialized and technologically sophisticated economy in the world and have come to realize that we need to “let the horses run!”.  

The Trump administration’s continued efforts of rolling back restrictive regulation is being felt across the globe. In years past, radical environmentalism was hampering the exploration, production and distribution of our energy resources and needs, severely impeding our progress forward. Today, the world has taken full notice that the U.S. is back in control of its energy needs and is leading the world!  

Just think about how far we have come in the last 75 years. Many of us experienced the oil and gas shortages during the seventies when the OPEC countries dominated the oil supplies and subsequent prices. We were at their mercy and our energy needs were dependent on them (many who were/are rogue nations) for oil and gas. That is not the case anymore. In the month of June, crude oil production for the U.S. stood at 12,082 BBL/Day. We out produced Russia (who is the second largest in crude oil production) by 1,373 BBL/Day. Fortunately, the forecasts only get better! 

The econometric models used by Trading Economics projects that crude production will reach over 14,000 BBL/Day in 2020. However, the renaissance with oil independence that we are currently experiencing must be protected through hard work, sacrifice and a determination to efficiently use our God-given natural resources. Yes, I believe that we can have it both ways. Our country should be able to fully explore (with limited government intrusion) and produce alternative forms of energy with gusto, while showing respect and care for the environment. Our Creator has blessed us with unlimited natural resources and has also given us a model in Genesis 2:15 of how we should go about harvesting these gifts.         

God told Adam in the book of Genesis to “dress” and to “keep” the Garden of Eden. In the original language, the word “dress” means to labor- and to labor sacrificially. I believe this word is telling us to work with vigor to reap the benefits of our natural resources, while acknowledging from where it is coming and thanking our Creator for His provision. In the original language, the word “keep” means to provide, protect and nourish the Garden of Eden. I believe that the same application can be used when looking at our current environment. We need to be good stewards of our environment by providing for it, protecting and nourishing it.   

That brings me back to the main premise of this position paper. What should our specific long-term, sustainable, and SMART Energy policies be? 


  • Continue to roll back ALL unnecessary regulation that restricts exploration, production and distribution  
  • Let the free market forces reign supreme in the energy sector, i.e., no government subsidies or regulatory stimuli to help jump start one energy resource over another 
  • When cultivating and harvesting our natural resources, do it with a concern and care for our environment (not radical environmentalism)  
  • Formulate our long-term energy independence with a multi-faceted approach where ALL forms of energy are developed to their fullest extent, i.e., in our national best interests
    • Nuclear
    • Hydro 
    • Natural Gas 
    • Oil 
    • Coal 
    • Wind 
    • Solar 
    • Ethanol
    • Off Shore  
    • Other 

In summary, the Executive Order signed by President Trump in May of 2017 has helped to unleash an energy resurgence. Thank you, President Trump, for helping us rise to the top! However, we should and must do more to plan for the long-term. I will not be satisfied until the free market forces are allowed to operate in plain sight in the energy sector. Our government must stay out!