My Position on the Iranian Nuclear Program

The Iranian Nuclear Program

I believe that the most pressing foreign policy issue of our time is the potential for Iran to possess nuclear weapons capabilities. The United States of America has had a long and tumultuous relationship with our known enemy, Iran. They have taken American citizens as hostages, our pastors as prisoners, convicted our students as spies, commandeered our vessels and shot down our assets with little to no military response. The extent to which Iran is willing to go in order to provoke the U.S. seems to have no limits. Yet, we continue to opt for economic sanctions compared to a proportional military response. While I believe that military action should be the option of last resort, I also believe that we have come to the point (the red line), where we should stand ready and be in a position to respond militarily. 

The current Iranian regime sponsors, funds and trains terrorist organizations around the world, all the while looking for opportunities to attack and kill Americans, as well as our allies. Beyond this, they are working feverishly to acquire nuclear capabilities for a first strike advantage against our dear friend and longtime ally, Israel. We must do everything we can to protect Israel. The Bible tells us to, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee” (Psalms 122:6). It is not a command that we should take lightly.   

Furthermore, if we put Israel in a position where they have to respond and attack Iran before they acquire nuclear capabilities, we risk destabilizing the entire Arab region. We wouldn’t want to see Israel have to initiate military action in the region on their own. We need a clearly defined strategic plan and exit strategy for the containment of the Iranian nuclear program, due to their blatant aggression towards America and Israel. That plan should start with attempting to build a coalition in order to include our strategic partners and allies. 

However, America always reserves the right to take unilateral military action, if her national security interests are at stake. While I do not support boots on the ground at this time, if necessary, an accelerated and catastrophic surgical air strike targeting Iran’s nuclear facilities should be considered in the future.