My Position on Gun Violence

Gun Violence

Each time there is a violent gun offense in the United States of America, the progressive left starts howling for the confiscation of our guns. They believe that guns themselves push their owners to plan and carry out these horrendous and heinous crimes. Therefore, guns are bad. Never-mind that the guns don’t premeditate diabolical and dastardly initiatives for destruction, horror, and pain… evil people do. People devoid of law-abiding motives with disregard for humanity will stop at nothing to do harm. Gun ownership does not cause crime. Criminals, who will choose to use any weapon for the destruction of life, cause crime.

The plain truth is that the progressive left, and those who want to take our guns, feel that managing the symptoms of the violence is more important than attacking the root cause. They are unwilling to admit that the primary solution lies at the root of mitigating gun violence and not in managing the horrendous results. 

There are three basic reasons that they are unwilling to tackle the most obvious and long-term solutions to gun violence:

1. Easy Fix: It seems to be a simple solution to just take our guns. They are unwilling to engage in the hard work of mentoring, disciplining, encouraging, and loving their neighbors. Instead of getting down in the trenches and making a difference in the lives of people, it is much easier to lament a position where inanimate objects are the problem. It is very difficult to admit that the way we treat each other might be the real trigger, and that changing the way our society functions as a whole might be the real solution.

2. Political Leverage: Many would argue that the left has no desire to solve the problem because they believe that the issue gives them political leverage.  In other words, it suits their narrative. Each time a violent gun offense occurs, the left uses it as an opportunity to showcase their “superior” position on the issue.  They apply deep and heavy pressure on the emotions of the electorate in the heat of the moment, in order to incite wrathful sentiments and demonstrations.  The truth is that their cry for justice is nothing more than a political ploy used to control the masses.

3. Destabilize Our Country: At the root of gun confiscation lies the need for full control and the desire to seize ultimate power. Certain people in power will not be able to accomplish their goals without taking our guns. The 2nd amendment is an affront to those who want to confiscate our guns. The left will attempt to use every measure and means available to them to seize our guns, including the idea that they need to save us from ourselves. The progressives will also use every back-door trick in the book to gain some sort of a foothold. The most recent rendition is known as Red Flag laws. 

Fortunately, I believe that there ARE real solutions currently at work in our country. I will continue to attack the root cause, and not the symptoms, of gun violence. Guns are not the problem. The moral ills of society that drive people to commit violence against their neighbors are the problem. If a violent act occurs, punishment of the criminals who break the laws of our nation is the correct response. The response to gun violence should not be restricting the use of guns by law-abiding citizens who have a Constitutional right to defend themselves.  Law-abiding citizens cannot defend themselves if their rights are restricted.  Criminals are just that, criminals. They will find ways to obtain weapons to attack their victims, and if their victims are forbidden to use their 2nd Amendment rights to defend, then who truly suffers from gun laws? The innocent. 

Our nation must be returned to its founding principles, and young people must be taught the dangers of misusing guns and weapons. Proper weapons training is paramount so that young people can understand how a gun is handled. All real guns should be kept out of the reach of young children, who are not yet old enough to be trained on proper use, and guns must stop being glorified as the problem. Our society must return to the basic principles of the family. Our children must be strengthened through family involvement and principled teaching about respect for life and the well-being of one another.